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Freshly Brewed Coffee, Anytime and Anywhere!

Welcome to our state-of-the-art coffee vending machine! Whether you need a caffeine fix on the go, or are in the office, our machine is the perfect solution to satisfy your coffee cravings.

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    Our Kaapi
    We offer a range of premium Kappi options, including rich and bold espresso shots, creamy cappuccinos, and comforting lattes. Our Kaapi beans are specially selected from the finest growers and roasted to perfection to provide you with the ultimate coffee drinking experience.
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    Easy to Use
    Our vending machine is designed to be user-friendly. Simply choose your preferred Kaapi selection from our easy-to-use touch screen.
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    No Mess
    Our Kaapi is served in sturdy, eco-friendly cups that are designed to prevent spills and leaks. You can enjoy your Kaapi on the go without worrying about messes.

Authentic Filter Coffee at the Touch of a Button

Brewed To Perfection

Kaapi Stop Select offers rich and delectable Filter kaapis which can invigorate your staff customers and everyone who tastes it. The user-friendly machine is easy to operate and provides the finest and freshest Filter Kaapi every time. Strict quality control ensures that the Kaapies are dispensed in same quantity and quality for every cup. Apart from Filter Kaapis, it can dispense Tea and milk.

The Bean Advantage

Each cup of Filter Kaapi is made with the finest handpicked beans from award winning THRIVENI BROOKLYN ESTATE. The beans are perfectly roasted and ground just right for the perfect cup of Filter Kaapi. The roasted coffee beans used with the machines are packed in special pouches fitted with freshness valves to preserve the freshness and aroma by restricting the inflow of air.

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