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About Kaapi Stop

About Kaapi Stop

Connect Over Kaapi

Naval food and beverages LLP is a partnership firm engaged in the coffee business by producing coffee(bean to cup),vending machines and establishing stores under the brand ‘Kaapi Stop’.

Kaapi Stop , a popular café located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu offers a wide variety of coffee-based beverages, including traditional South Indian filter coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and flavored coffees. Their Kaapi grown in their own Kaapi estate is committed to producing premium Kaapi beans that are highly sought after by connoisseurs and coffee enthusiasts. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Kaapi Stop provides a perfect place for people to relax, socialize, or work while enjoying a good cup of Kaapi.

For many people, Kaapi is more than just a drink – it’s a way of life. Kaapi shops have become community gathering places where friends, colleagues, and neighbors can gather to catch up or work on projects. In some countries, coffee ceremonies are a staple of daily life, with intricate rituals surrounding the preparation and serving of the drink.

Our Story

Special Focus On

Created a brand ‘Kaapi Stop’ to be the leader in the mid market for middle class consumers of food and beverages and to operate transparently in the Indian and International markets with affordable pricing.

We have been functioning with the bean to cup model having broke the monogamy by producing filter coffee with the Arabica kind and being the first of such and one among the very few coffee producers with a bean to cup model of cafes along with sale of coffee powder and vending machines.

Story of us: I’m a consumer but don’t know the consumer of our beans.

The entire functioning is carried forward in a socially responsible manner and the waste of coffee grounds are given to the consumers to be used as a manure.We aim at promoting a new brand for tribal planters. 

We serve to fulfil the delight of both kids and adults.The sole idea rests around innovating traditional products and services with a modern flair.The stores have become not just of joy to coffee lovers but also hosts consumers who hold official meets over coffee.

The motive was to breakthrough the dominance of International brands with an end to end model not by offering westernised coffees but traditional ones.


Where We Started

The firm was incorporated on 10 May and the first kaapi stop store/cafe was established in the foothills of Yercaud. Soon became a profitable and prominent ‘kaapi stop’ for coffee lovers.

Our First Cafe

Two new outlets were established and the powder sales and consumption increased potentially throughout India.

Best Kaapi Shop

Won an award of appreciation from Salem Nature Society for the commitment to care and nurture nature.Two new stores were established in tier 2 and 3 cities.

10 Branches Cafe

5 new outlets were established and received the TNSA – Inspirational Startup Award.Exponential increase in recognition and trust.

50 New Outlets

Kaapi Stop is advancing further in its journey, channeling efforts toward the ambitious goal of launching 50 outlets across Tamil Nadu in the upcoming year.

Working Process

We Create Delicious Memories


Seeds of elite quality are selected from the best in-house plants and planted in desirable locations


Summer showers bring out the buds which remain dormant till the receipt of the firstrains of the season


The wine-red fruits are picked skillfully in five to six rounds over a three month period


Sun-dried under natural conditions, the parchment is dried to optimum moisture


Branded Thriveni Brooklyn coffee is in the offing are sold to vendors at farmgate


Stored meticulously till the raw coffee reaches the connoisseurs in distant horizons